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I love their service, the delivery men are respectful and the pizza is fantastic. I have recommended top pizza to friends and family.

Rosemary , 26 Feb 2021

The best Pizza Place around, huge portions of excellent food

Jane, 20 Feb 2021

I will recommend top pizza for their food and service.

Rosemary, 19 Feb 2021

Not to bad delivery time said 47 minutes took 50 minutes and tastes good pizza stuff crust was cheese and tasted good extra cheese and pepperoni was worth it

Chris, 19 Feb 2021

My order wasnt complete, my drink and dips where missing

Jude, 13 Feb 2021

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I spend far too much money on you guys! I used to come in most nights on my way home from work, but also order to my flat on Crompton Street, then Moss Street and now my new house. been solely using you for a good few years now; best takeout food in Derby, no question.

Dan, 11 Feb 2021

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We love Top pizza we always come here if we fancy pizza, or kebabs especially the kebab wraps!

Kayleigh, 05 Feb 2021

Best Kebab in town for recommend

Adam, 02 Feb 2021

Never had

Karwan, 02 Feb 2021

Always have good quality food.

Carly, 31 Jan 2021

Usually, I do like to complain or take the time to complain but this time, I thought I really needed to. Yesterday evening, me and a friend ordered two pizzas with the great double deal. First, I just want to say that, for the price, pizzas are very good and the quality is very fine. We were satisfied by the pizzas and they are quite cheap. However, I could not stand the deliverer's attitude and I was angry as rarely I have been. The Tops Pizza deliverer was disrespectful, rude and even shouted at me when I came to take the pizzas. He was angry because, on the address, I did not but the exact flat number of the building, but the website did not allow me to do that. And he also shouted at me because I apparently had put a wrong number. Even in the information were not enough precise this is not a reason to behave like he did, and I finally got the pizzas so they were still precise enough. You cannot imagine how pissed-off I was as a client to be treated like that. I say it again: the deliverer's attitude was just unacceptable. Unfortunately, we won't be ordering again from Tops Pizza, although I have to say that I was very satisfied with the pizza itself.

Gaultier Norbert, 25 Jan 2021

  Reply : Can you please send me your address so I can check how did deliver your order thanks I'm really sorry for what happened but we can make sure with our driver to be as kind as possible thanks again

Absolutely amazing value for money and very quick delivery service and the food was delicious

Gemma, 24 Jan 2021

Best Kebab in town very good customer service

Bilal, 23 Jan 2021

Very clean shop

Thomas, 23 Jan 2021

I've ordered from Top Pizza for several years now and they've been nothing but the best. Food is 95% of the time delivered faster than I expected which is brilliant and I have never had any issues with the quality. If I did I wouldn't have used them for years. They also have phoned to make sure my order gets delivered when I've done something daft like not writing the correct address. Couldn't recommend more.

Alex, 22 Jan 2021

Great value

Paul, 18 Jan 2021

Always nice, never bad

Grant, 15 Jan 2021


Josh, 10 Jan 2021

Super accommodating to requests and substitutions, and consistently the best pizza place in Derby

Daisy, 03 Jan 2021

I always make this place my first choice, without a doubt

Joshua, 22 Dec 2020

Tim, 19 Dec 2020

Always great every time

Hannah, 11 Dec 2020

Ring the bell please

Megan, 03 Dec 2020

Hello Tops Pizza I have heard that the Chickens that are used for your pizza toppings are not being treated well. They deserve kindness and respect, and to live happily and comfortable before they die. Please do something about this.

Zar A Tubman, 01 Dec 2020

Always come early, the food is on point... rate this place a 5*

Joshua, 01 Dec 2020

Bast pizza

Balo, 13 Nov 2020